Friday, February 27, 2009

Assistive Technology

As my work drifts away from hardware (computer first-aid), leaving more and more of that to ICT, I have been re-training towards working with people even more.

Apart from setting up a Moodle environment, for staff to access training, I have been working on an Accessibility training module - ATIC provided, at RNIB Cymru - which I am finding very interesting.

It does not only relate to blind and partially-sighted people - as the software that reads back text (for instance, JAWS or Supernova) could also help non-literate people, people with dyslexia, people using English as a second language, etc. And the magnifying aspect of some of these software options could assist even people like me (short-sighted people seem so common they don't seem to fall into the 'partially-sighted' group) when I have left my computer glasses at home.

And 'throwing away the mouse' to learn navigation just through the keyboard can help everyone...

The tutor on the current course I am doing has set up a blog, for more details about this issue.

Find the ATIC blog by clicking here.

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