Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are we just a load of Bullocks?

In the small hours, after a 'Sixties night' at The Globe in Cardiff, I search for any sign of our wonderful new library in Google (gotta keep it simple) but ended up with Fred Bullock...back in the early twentieth century, dying for his country and all - peace be with you frater librarian.

Shouldn't we have a more modern link though, like, within the last ninety years (say)?   The new central library looks fairly modern, but does it yet understand the balance between internet and books (we need both) that evolved over the last twenty years?  This remains a general library dilemma, not just Cardiff's problem.

I don't feel convinced that we have the balance right, just yet.

Still, that photo (that young man) come from our local studies collection - via Gathering Up The Jewels.

Why not come and look, as we digitalise our collection of old pix?  You don't even have to come and see the building, you could build up a virtual relationship with our collections... Go to our online catalogue here and click on Local Studies.  This gives you remote access to search all the currently uploaded pictures, maps, etc.  Some (in copyright) will have watermarks on them, but contact us (or visit) to see the whole thing.

Psst.  Did I say the new Central Library will open this Saturday, 14th March?  It surely can't be a secret any more.  Can I post photos of the interior yet?  See next week's thrilling episode. Does Anon get reprimanded for sarcasm?  Does he lose his job for negative thinking - also known as contingency planning, or Plan B (in the vernacular)?    Whatever.    We're in countdown mode, 5,4,3,2,1...days to go.

Wales UK shows you the exterior...  Still no easily available inside images, and I don't feel safe to publish until after Saturday - even though pix appear in the local paper-paper (not their digital version) for Friday 6th March.

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