Monday, February 16, 2009

Words, wurdz, werdz...

For all my years, I continue to enjoy the modern world, even if everyone borrowed far too much money to live beyond their means, and burned up the planet in the process.  Whoops, sorry, wrong blog!

Working in a library has brought me around to the world of words and books, the world that (when at school) I think my mum thought I would end up in.  It only took 40 years!   Not only do I now write on websites, blogs and wikis, but I have completed two novel-in-a-month projects, and right now find myself proof-reading OCR printouts.  I am one of 150 volunteers, proofing a 600 page book for release as a PDF.  I have a bit of a proof-reader's eye - as typos jump out at me when reading hard copy.   Still, they seem to slip by me on screens at times.  It is a different kind of reading.

Fun to collaborate in a big project, though.

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