Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a quick post - testing, testing

For the last few weeks we have been unable to post to (and sometimes even read) any Blogger blogs in Cardiff Libraries. This morning it seems I can, if you are reading this - so I'll try a couple of edits. *** Yolande Philpott - aromatherapist in Cornwall. *** Here's something more related to libraries, from my son, originally posted on Facebook...(rummages in FB) method of sorting the books on shelves with a sophisticated RFID tagging system. [it'll turn up, and I'll be back!] *** I notice that YouTube inserts in the official Cardiff Libraries blog seem to work OK on the public access PCs (after a short delay) but film clips in Facebook keep demanding an Adobe FlashPlayer update (which won't run, of course, on locked-down public access mode). It doesn't seem to be holding the edits, paragraph breaks, etc.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Library Angels (again)

This is the stuff of magic and synchronicity (when you work among the akashic records, where everything can be linked to everything else) but I recently stumbled over David Crystal's delightfully amusing autobiography (and more) about his life as a linguist - Just a Phrase I Am Going Through. It's my bed-time reading. Makes me wonder how I can ever finish writing my autobiography, while at the same time motivating me to try.

So I looked in the catalogue and found we had several of his books, including Language and the Internet.

Today I heard from an English friend who lives in Amsterdam, who happens to share a flat with David Crystal's daughter, and he sent me a link (we're approaching relevance to a library blog)
to this impassioned defence of libraries on David Crystal's blog.

Library Angels rule, OK?
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