Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Half an ear on an online talk

I had this invite a few days ago, so have used my netbook to log in to listen/watch the discussion, but I have to carry on with the day job, of course.

Fortunately, my day job does include, in its description, checking out the use of online resources, collaborative and training issues, webinars, etc.

Coalition - What does that mean for Frontline Public Services?
And does technology have a part to play in meeting the challenges ahead?
Please join us tomorrow, Wednesday 19th May, at 11.30 am for our live interview with Martin Ferguson, head of policy at Socitm, and Alan Edwards, council member and chair of CIPFA's IT panel, to discuss 'The Coalition - what does that mean for Frontline Public Services?' And whether technology has a part to play in meeting the challenges ahead.

Locally, Twitter is still blocked by our ICT Dept, but the link suggested is #LGITU-live

Friday, May 14, 2010


On a more positive note (as we all cringe and wonder what a UK coalition government, that has to make savage cuts in public services, has planned for libraries) - I really enjoy rummaging among the resources at Box of Tricks, an exceptionally good educational web place...

Coalition - what does that mean for Frontline Public Services?
Online interview, May 19th - register to listen here

De-shushing the library

Here in Cardiff, we have allowed people to eat, drink, use mobile phones, etc - in the new style library as community centre, etc.

Most people seem to like the relaxed atmosphere, although a few still ask for the 'quiet study area' and we don't have one, really.

Internet has also attracted a whole new clientele, and some of the branches occasionally find 'yoof' a bit hard to handle.

Still, we haven't yet needed to hire a bouncer, as the library in Kings Lynn decided to do...see this story in The Daily Mail (and yes, the Mail does like its 'yob culture' stories, so take the tone with a pinch of salt...)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shush! and I'll tell you where the stereotypes come from...

I came across this book while browsing our shelves - you can borrow it (a good idea, as it could cost you £30-40 to buy a copy!

The notes on will fill you in on what it contains...

And since 1999 things have changed radically, of course, so perhaps some (if not all) future librarians may begin to look like a computer geek - someone who has mastered searching, researching, compiling, and all that. A permanent human wiki...

I guess this remains the transition period!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Whatever happened to The Book?

If you have half an hour, you might enjoy this talk from Mark Pesce, about electronic books, hypertext and much more...

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