Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't make me laugh...

Although this blog (unlike others I write) intends to remain focused on libraries, it does seem a shame that I immediately end up po-faced and solemn.

so, post-VD (Valentine's Day) - I offer a page I came across which amused me - from Library Journal:

Never Mind the Bollocks, Librarians Invented Sex, Stupid
Alfred Kinsey's "Lost" Report on Librarians and Sexuality

And I got pointed to that from A Compendium of Sexy Librarianness

Although I find the word 'sexy' rather tiresome these days (now that even cars, apparently, can 'be sexy' or advertising campaigns, or watches, or shoes, or whatever). All rather irrititating and fetishistic. But, hey, I got all solemn again. Some of this relates to an earlier post on stereotypes - and the Compendium offered a link on that, too.

I did like the Kinsey / Dan Brown joke, though.

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