Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Standards for Accessibility

My Net Trainers course did cover some of the issues of accessibility (in terms of course design, website design, hardware devices, etc).

I have done a certain amount of training about accessibility from working for the Council, but very rarely get to employ any of this knowledge in a practical way.

I noted an article about web standards in this month's issue of .Net - which said in passing that many web designers had really not come to terms with the issues yet...

One contribution might be to check out the draft of British Standards' BS 8878:2009 - Web accessibility – Building accessible experiences for disabled people – Code of practice - which is currently available to review and comment on (Deadline January 31st 09).   You do have to register with an email address, but that is quick enough...

You can also download it in Word or PDF format, etc - see the page linked here

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