Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to work, and everything changing

I had a week off, to walk in the hills with the dog and huddle by the fire with Julie, and have now returned to find the new Central Library proceeding rapidly...a bunch of new People's Network PCs are arriving, and we can start planning the layout, self-service set-up, etc.

I find it annoying to currently be deaf in one ear (wax, you don't want to know) but such temporary hindrances tend to make one more empathetic about people with disabilities.  Speaking of which, I will be attending an RNIB training on Thursday - Breaking the Barriers through Accessible Information - which I am looking forward to.

Next month there is another Web 2.0 meeting (in Newport, this time) - the tutor is Phil Bradley (his blog) - which should also prove useful.

Things seem to have started falling together, which I take as a sign I am doing something right...   :-)

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