Monday, January 19, 2009

New Cardiff Central Library scheduled to open in mid-March

If you are not around Central Cardiff (or if you don't know which of the new buildings IS the new library) you might enjoy Rob Gale's photos of the exterior, which you can find here on Flickr.

If you like this sort of thing, the St David's 2 Development people have a couple of webcams which have been displaying their work-in-progress.  The Central Library can be seen live on the view from the Altolusso Building here.  It is the dull gold (brass) and aquamarine building, centre left.

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I have been wandering around inside a couple of times, and today took some informal pictures, but I am not entirely sure how popular I would be if I posted them right now.  Perhaps 'De Management' would like to keep an element of surprise (?)

There are great views from the top floors

And even on a grey day the front prospect (from The Hayes) is quite impressive

OK OK, I can't resist just one sneaky peek preview of the interior...

[update 20th Feb 09]

[yer too late!] I had posted one nice pic up, but apparently the elders of the tribe have protocols in place about information about the new library, and pictures of the inside are included (or rather, excluded from public consumption). They like to keep a surprise. Most tax payers I have spoken to are surprised there is even going to even be a new library, and seem even more surprised to find out where it is, so I assumed any word-of-mouth buzz was a good idea. Shows how little I know about advertising, and why they get paid the big bucks (as the saying goes).

It's a shame they forgot to actually tell staff about the protocols before pictures got handed around at parties, sent to friends on the internet (and the genii got out of the bottle) - but General Ignorance, Major Disaster and Kernel O'Nut don't talk to Corporal Punishment or Private Parts, as one knows all too well from how wars get fought (and Catch-22 describes any hierarchical bureaucracy). And 'they' perhaps don't understand about Internet, and how things escape.

I feel suitably chastened, even if no-one actually came here, or saw it - and I am sitting here typing into an echoing and empty room in my head...

Pix of interior will, I think, be available (for people who can't visit Cardiff, but are interested) after March 14th, I assume (I don't know, no-one has explained what I can do, only what I can't...)

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