Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welsh Public Library Standards 2008 - 11

Library services have current and future guidelines.

In relation to public computer use WPLS 4 Appropriate access to resources and facilities provided by means of Information and Communicaton Technologies
suggests this as a minimum provision expected of all library authorities in Wales by March 2011:

  • Provision of laptop use by members of the public, both as a stand alone and a networked facility (will be available at Central Library in 2009, not in branches)
  • Scanning and Printing facilities (no scanning available)
  • Plug-in facilities for digital medai sources and portable devices - such as iPods, MP3, MP4 and digital cameras. (umm, not really. You can get your camera images if you're lucky)
  • Facilities on public access PCs for Office Software (Yes! we have that!)
  • Free email facilities for users (Yes, as long as you use one of the main providers, oh, and Yahoo attachments don't work now - something to do with integrating chat, which ICT block)
  • Free basic support to users in the use of the above range of ICT facilities (defined as introduction to the use of the facilities and problem solving during use). This is true at a very basic level, given that staff receive no specific training, so any who do not use such things at home are unlikely to be much help at problem-solving. A Training Issue!
  • Information literacy sessions for users (defined as formal or informal assistance to users in developing or enhancing their use of library services and facilities). Informal, maybe, but we run very few 'starter packs' for public users.

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