Friday, November 28, 2008

e-learning, training opportunities, etc

The Library Service rarely has money for training (which is why I think we should go the e-learning route IMHO) - so although some of us non-professionals looked at NVQ 3 last year, it just didn't seem like something I wanted to spend my own money on, if it was not going to be subsidised by our employer.

Deciding I did want to learn, I researched and ended up taking the Sheffield College Net Trainers course, aimed at both tutors (learning to use technology) and also course designers and implementers. This suited me perfectly, and I have learned a lot.

I also found my way back-stage of the Cardiff Council pilot scheme in e-learning, using the Learning Pool resources. Although it has a low profile with staff right now, it is in place and functioning, and I have used it to manifest some of the things that would otherwise have remained theoretical on the course.

It is good to feel the different approaches merging. As I have studied online for over four years now, did tutoring for NOF schemes back in 2000, and have explored and used blogs, wikis, social networking, web sites, etc - I feel in a good place to really offer something useful to the libraries. After 33 years of self-employment, working in a hierarchical day-job didn't really suit my temperament, so the creative position I find myself in (Human-Computer Interface, thanks to SiƓn Lewis) seems perfect. In spite of low pay, if I am learning new stuff I am happy, and if I can pass it on, too, I feel even better!

Looking to go on a Web 2.0 and Libraries course in Newport next year. You can find something similar online at the UKOLN site, where all the notes, briefing sheets, exercises, etc are still online from a course run by Brian Kelly in September - Sharing Made Simple: an Introduction to the Social Web.

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