Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Curious state of transition

Libraries have still got a very old-fashioned image for many people (the ones who don't use them), and yet attempts to
  • modernise them
  • attract new users
  • make them a more relevant resource for the modern world

also run into difficulties.

This quote comes from the website (full story here)

Four-fifths (80%) of adults have no interest in publishing media – including blogs, podcasts, videos, own web pages or photographs in a public album - on the internet. The most popular for those who are interested is publishing their own web pages.

However while three-quarters (75%) of adults have never published media on the internet, one in five (20%) have. The most popular activity is uploading photographs to a public album. The least popular (1%) is creating and uploading a podcast, and contributing to a Wiki.

So the need for Library 2.0 (genuinely interactive users and staff) still seems some way into the future.

And I doubt if I can ask many of my fellow staff to contribute to a Wiki!

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