Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Voices for the library

The truth is that this blog does not get written by a professional librarian, simply a user who became a lowly library worker. However, my respect for libraries, and all the staff (qualified by degree, or simply by experience) means that I continue to seek out examples of people trying to raise awareness of the social value of libraries.

Voices for the library seems like one such advocate:

Why librarians?

Librarians stand for free and equal access to information for all. This means a number of things:
  • Librarians will not discriminate in the provision of access to material
  • Librarians will not disclose what you ask, read, or borrow
  • Librarians will work to fight censorship, bias, and false reporting
  • Librarians will always work to provide you with the best possible information resources to suit your needs
  • Librarians will work to provide high-quality collections tailored to the needs of a community
  • Librarians work for the larger public good

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