Friday, September 17, 2010

Library Bricks

With the 4% cuts in public services now turning into 16% cuts, and the chances of job losses or pay cuts in the wind, the policy change from a suggestion of (unpopular) uniforms being provided to the (unpopular) dress code (paid for out of our own low wages), and all that sort of demoralizing stuff...moan, moan.
Book Cell

I needed something fun to post.

Link to a Library Reference Desk made out of books.
link to a small octagonal 'book cell' made of books by Matej Kren.
Tom Bendsten-Luminato books
Here's a link to his follow-up, an enormous book building

And then theres Tom Bendsten's fabulous piece at the Toronto Reference Library...

You might also enjoy the Book Art that you can find on M.J's blog , for instance Octopus done for the Anagram bookstore in Prague by Kaspen/Jung v Matt

Anagram octopus

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