Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fictional Libraries

It was a small pleasure to glimpse the London Library in the latest episode of New Tricks.

Brian goes to his local library where (yes) kids are singing, people are talking on their mobile phones, others are rummaging noisily through DVDs, etc - until he can't take it any more and shouts "Silence! This is a bloody library!" and gets removed by the security guy.

His wife leads him to the London Library which, as the title of the episode reminds us, 'smells of books."

It Smells of Books - episode 48 (transmitted 17th Sept 2010)
Brian finds the library card of cold case victim Dr Richard Symes, leading him to reinvestigate the death of the professor, who died after falling from the roof of his college three years previously. Sandra and Gerry interview Symes' widow, who believes principal Jeremy Ventham drove her husband to suicide following a conflict over teaching methods.

Still viewable in BBC iPlayer (accessed 23rd Sept, 2010)

Note: The London Library is a subscription library - it'll cost you about £400 per year.

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