Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wave of the future?

I just received my invite to try out Google Wave, as a semi-beta tester type person. Will invite a couple of buddies that like to play with gizmos, although we have produced genuine on-line collaborative work, so this tool is more than a gimmick to us, it could really speed up our inter-continental communications about creative product.

Of course, I find it hard to consider as something which might improve communication within the library service right now, as it is blocked at work (both staff and public side of the network) as Instant Messaging, etc.

So I took the netbook down to the local Starbucks for my extra strength hit, and their BT FreeZone works fine.

Of course, a netbook screen isn't ideal for something as sprawling as Wave, which needs a big screen, I reckon, like a messy desktop. But still, I don't like to judge new things immediately.


Chrissie said...

I was using Wave fine up until I tried to access it on my netbook. Not flexible for use on smaller screens.

Anon the Librarian said...

Thanks Chrissie, yes I noticed that - it does seem like a sprawling interface that needs a big screen. I never even use iGoogle for much the same reason (on a Samsung NC10)...

And sadly, at work at least, Wave is blocked for being too interactive (sigh).

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