Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a quick post - testing, testing

For the last few weeks we have been unable to post to (and sometimes even read) any Blogger blogs in Cardiff Libraries. This morning it seems I can, if you are reading this - so I'll try a couple of edits. *** Yolande Philpott - aromatherapist in Cornwall. *** Here's something more related to libraries, from my son, originally posted on Facebook...(rummages in FB) method of sorting the books on shelves with a sophisticated RFID tagging system. [it'll turn up, and I'll be back!] *** I notice that YouTube inserts in the official Cardiff Libraries blog seem to work OK on the public access PCs (after a short delay) but film clips in Facebook keep demanding an Adobe FlashPlayer update (which won't run, of course, on locked-down public access mode). It doesn't seem to be holding the edits, paragraph breaks, etc.

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