Friday, July 9, 2010

Low Status

I continue to notice what a low status library staff seem to have. Is this universal?

Only for example, and not to complain, I recently assisted a member of the ICT staff and during our long boring task we started chatting. He was appalled at my pay scale (for doing similar work to him, but in a different department).

I pointed out that our staff start on a Scale so low that it doesn't even exist in his department! And some of our regular workers stay there on that 'unskilled' level for decades.

OK, if it was a simple job, for simple folks - but when our super-modern library's high-tech stuff falls over it is those Scale 1 and Scale 2 folks who have to keep the whole building ticking over. They could do it by candlelight...

Sad, isn't it, that we have so little respect from a system which pays teachers, social workers, youth workers and IT staff quite a lot better.

Hey ho. IMHO libraries remain an important educational resource...

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