Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogging for Librarians

I have just returned from a brief but informative workshop with Karl Drinkwater - Resource Discovery Officer at Aberystwyth University (and E-learning Adviser for Learning Resources at JISC RSC Wales).

In "Blogging Awareness" he took us through

  • the possible uses of blogs (for individual or departmental announcements of services or news, for instance, or simply for internal collaboration and communication)
  • the available sites that offer the service of hosting free blogs
  • the pros and cons (conflicts of interest between ICT security issues and access, for instance, or corporate branding and 'the friendly face' of the staff...etc).

    Although I run several blogs (for my different 'hats') I learned some new things, and really should get to grips with RSS, for instance.
    Karl Drinkwater
    He manages this website for Aberystwyth University, but here's an example of one of his blogs, Subject Support

    Unfortunately, this blog will not be accessible from Cardiff Libraries, as ICT recently blocked all blogs hosted at Blogger in response to a request from schools, after children were (presumably) found accessing inappropriate material.

    It's just my personal opinion - as I know children need to be protected - but that seems like banning all newspapers in libraries just because The Sun has Page Three girls. Surely you just stop offering The Sun in the libraries - you don't ban The Guardian, the FT, The Independent, etc? IMHO

    One by one I am getting harmless blogs unblocked, on request, but I have no idea how many useful, interesting and informative blogs get hosted on Blogger. Thousands? Tens of thousands? Millions?

    I would prefer that individual sites which were found to be offensive got blocked, rather than these big sweeping moves. Contentious stuff, of course, but at least we had a chance to air and discuss some of these problems.

    A very enjoyable course! Thanks Karl!

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