Thursday, June 18, 2009

Call yourself a librarian?

Well, actually I don't (the title of the blog is a joke aimed at friends).

The word 'librarian' remains reserved for people who got a degree. I didn't. Not only didn't I get a degree in Library and Information Science, I didn't get a degree at all. I dropped out to become an auto-didact (what self-taught people call themselves to sound clever).

I work as a 'senior library assistant' (Corporal, to you).


Still, I always throw myself into whatever job comes to hand, so I thought some of you might find this LIS publications wiki interesting. Use the sandbox, to practice using a wiki...

Welcome to the Library and Information Science (LIS) Publications wiki. This wiki gathers information about publications that LIS professionals might want to write for -- whether they want to reach their colleagues or their communities. All editors, publishers, and LIS professionals are welcome to contribute to the publication profiles. To participate, just create a free account and log in.

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