Friday, April 17, 2009

Free Thinkers Accept the Mystery

Actually, I intended to use FreeThinker in the technical sense - of 'atheists' who don't like defining themselves with a negative term.

I don't think of 'God' as a default setting, which I have to deny. (a-theist).

My default setting remains an experience of a mysterious environment - which contains and includes me (a mysterious point of consciousness). I expect 'believers' to have to convince me that someone or something 'created' this mystery.

I don't have an answer, as I find equally acceptable the idea(s) that it always existed, doesn't exist, could be defined as 'my dream' (solipsism), etc.

Libraries remained my allies in holding out for a variety of explanations, when surrounded by a culture (if not a people) with a default setting of 'God'.

At least Cardiff Libraries provide copies of The Freethinker*

I just got an email alert about this piece from

Get Atheist Books in the Public Library
Get Public Libraries to Provide Atheist, Freethought, Secular Literature
by Austin Cline

"Why Are Public Libraries Important?

[...]Getting enough atheist, freethought, skeptical, secular, and humanist material in libraries is important because not everyone can obtain this material on their own. Some people don't have enough money to buy the books and magazines and few have enough money to buy all the books and magazines. Libraries can carry a broader array of material than bookstores as well as a deeper selection of older material - including material no longer in print. Where else will you find magazines and journals from several years ago?[...]"

*The Freethinker was founded in 1881 by GW Foote, an outspoken critic of religion. After the publication of irreligious cartoons in the 1882 Christmas edition, Foote was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to 12 months hard labour. Despite this setback the magazine has remained in print ever since. You can read more here.

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