Monday, December 22, 2008

Looking Good

A few of us had a walk around the new building this morning, and overall the first impressions are good.

I am not sure about the unpainted concrete pillars and beams, even if they are polished to smooth, it seems a bit industrial (underground car park chic), but where there are colours they are cheerful and there's lots of daylight (my room even has a window!)

The technology means we almost need a lighting and sound engineer - cctv, plasma screens, etc.

So, no furniture yet, but it looks as though we could have a bit of fun making it 'lived in'.

Nice to get a glimpse - just a shame that I didn't have my camera with me!  I carry it 300 days a year, but just last night was looking through clips of Eno and Hassell lecturing in Norway, and forgot to put it all back in my briefcase.  And I turned down a camera on the Blackberry, choosing GPS instead, for some reason.

Hey ho.

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